Richard Reiner
    Richard Reiner was born in New York, lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey where he studied theatre. Becoming an actor and member of the PB theatre in Plymouth, Mass, he later relocated to Atlanta and joined the Academy theatre and Second Stage Improv troupe. Feature roles in TV and film followed. He eventually moved behind the scenes as a talent agent representing actors in films, TV and commercials for over 20 years.
However, much like an actor, and an observer of people, Richard was always drawn to the simple, yet complex forms that nature and the outdoors provide.
“As a fly fishermen and a romantic about the outdoors, I try to paint the serenity and power of nature.The impression it leaves on me has always inspired me. I’m drawn to it, influenced by it, and the passion for it drives me to paint. It evokes a spirituality  of harmony and balance, culminating in shapes and colors of expressionism .I see nature always changing and yet there is an order to it, unlike human beings who have a need to control it. The clouds, rivers and sky represent a calm and turbulence that intertwines and coils together; much like life itself. I love the vast expanse of landscapes,seascapes,skyscapes, and of course the  es-capes!” Perhaps if Casey Stengal was a painter, he might have said this best: “either the paint moves me or I move the paint”.
Richard continues to study with Jill Douglas of Brentwood Art School, Rob Sherrill of Eaton Canyon Painters, Greg Carter,the Brentwood Art School and now currently studying at the Kline Art Academy with Cheryl Kline.
Richard serves on the board of the ATA (Association of Talent Agents). Richard also helped start an oral deaf theatre group for the hearing-impaired called No Limits Theatre. Richard serves on the Board of Directors since 1996 with director and founder Michelle Christy-Adams.He remains an active fundraiser for the arts and education.
Richard Reiner-Artist Bio